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OTP generate a new and random password each time they are used.

One time password as the suggests, is an automatically generated numeric characters that are used for authentication and verification of users before a transaction or any such thing is completed. These are very much important because they provide a very high security as a password used once, cannot be reused. No matter if the user name remains the same, the password cannot be used twice. Used by businesses to ensure a secure user flow, an OTP SMS service provider ensures timely delivery of these messages.

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Time Synchronization

Since OTP are for only one and are valid for only a short duration of time, there is a high synchronization of time between the server and the client.

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Mathematical Algorithm

OTPs follow a general algorithm rule, to generate new passwords. They are a chain and are used in an order that has already been defined.

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Based on a challenge

Mathematical algorithms are used to generate the passwords by the server for the clients for the complete authentication.

Security Layer

This provides with an extra layer security to the clients as the OTPs are valid for short duration and cannot be used twice.

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User-friendly platform

It is easy to use because there are easily guides provided to the clients so that there is no confusion during the process.

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OTP Token Number

This is a number that is displayed and expires within 30 or 60 seconds. The expiry time depends on the configuration of the token.

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Provides OTP Encryption, & Email sign

Your sessions does not expire or intercepted without the knowledge of random data created in the previous session.


Engage customers with interactive SMS features

Providing Security

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No Delay

Don't keep a customer waiting for any more than 8 seconds. Our OTP service ensures timely delivery.

Operational Efficiency

Send thousands of OTP verification messages without having to run multiple numbers. Our OTP SMS service provider can handle them all!

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