Outbound Dialer

Bulk SMS reseller service provider.

In today's competitive world, there is no time with anyone to waste dialing numbers and waiting for the response from the other side. Thus the process of outbound dialing has come up making the best use of your time and sending calls to promote your business, brand and generation of leads and adding impetus to the business, for fund raising, telemarketing etc.

SMS Features

Engage customers with interactive SMS features

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Future Scheduling

Dial to your contacts through the outbound dialing while making lists and categorizing your contacts according to your ease so that you are able to reach to them whenever possible.

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Responsive Voice Platform

Capture the multiple voice responses, run responsive voice campaign through this outbound dialing as it provides you with the most responsive voice platform.

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Auto DND Filters

Send the voice calls to the numbers while having extracted the auto DND numbers so that you know you are sending the call to the non DND numbers.

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Real-time Reports

You can actually have an access of your voice campaign and get the real time reports, analytics etc of your outbound calls.

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Manage Contacts & Group

Upload your contacts and categorize them via making particular groups to access anytime, anywhere for sending voice messages

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User-friendly Interface

Explore user-friendly web interface that can be accessed from anywhere by any non-technical person with ease

Direct Operator Connectivity

You get in contact with the mobile operators worldwide through this process.

Promotional Sms

Better Quality With Accuracy

Forget manual dialing and ensure the better quality and accuracy in dialing to your prospective and the present clients.

Transectional Sms
International Sms


You send calls by prerecording the messages in your own voice or in the regional language to have a better connectivity with your customers.

International Sms

Lead Generation

Outbound dialing is very much successful method of running a voice campaign and thus helps you in the generation of leads and bringing more customers to your business, brand.


Engage customers with interactive SMS features

Promote Product/Offers

Outbound dialing helps you in the telemarketing and sales works because it concentrates on the target customers to promote the offers and the products.outbound dialing can also be used to increase the revenue derived from your customer base by up-selling or cross-selling new products to your ongoing customers

Integrate With Missed Call

You can integrate your outbound calls with the missed call alerts in an automated way. This will give you an assurance that your message has reached the desired customers even if the call was a missed one and all your information has been successfully given to the target.

Promote Your Brand

When a person is able hear a voice calling from the other side instead of reading a message, it proves to be a better way of promoting your brand because it engages your customer also for a one on one conversation giving him the better picture of your business or brand.

Launch Voice SMS Campaign

Communicate with your customers and launch voice SMS campaign. Outbound dialing enables businesses to efficiently conduct outbound call center tasks like marketing campaigns and sales follow-ups. It also offers automated dialing that delivers calls direct to agents, maximizing resource use and productivity.