Bulk SMS API & Plugins

Bulk SMS reseller service provider.

An API is a way which makes the functions of one computer program to another. Bulk SMS offers a range of APIs to allow programmers to design software to interact and integrate with our service. In some cases, existing software with the necessary capability can simply be configured to use one of our APIs, without any custom coding needed.

This saves you from manually sending SMS as once the APIs are integrated, you can send automated messages, in bulk to a large number of clients very easily.

SMS Features

Engage customers with interactive SMS features

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Developer friendly Interface

Integrate bulk SMS service APIs with your the user SMS API and make it the experience a friendly one for both the user and the developer.

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Unicode SMS

Reach out to your customers from every part of the world by sending them SMS in their regional languages.

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Schedule festivities and events and the offers accordingly with the bulk SMS API and send special offers to your customers.

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Real-Time Reports

You get access to, and you can also manage the real time reports of your SMS campaign with the help of our bulk SMS API and plug in.

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Personalized SMS

Send the personalized SMS to your customers by saving the recipient's name and the receiver's details etc and send the SMS to multiple people at one time.

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Manage Contacts & Group

You can send the SMS to desired groups by categorizing them into various groups and chats etc.

Direct Operator Connectivity

Connect with multiple operators across the globe with this bulk SMS services reseller as offered by our company.

Promotional Sms


It is absolutely secured because the bulk SMS are sent through secured API.

Transectional Sms
International Sms


Since the SMS are sent in bulk, it is both time and cost saving and thus can give a lot of boost to your business.

International Sms

Automated Messaging

You can send automated messages to various users by integrating APIs to your system.


Engage customers with interactive SMS features

To Send Notifications

You can notifications, promotional SMS, transactional SMS, through this bulk SMS API and can also get the real time reports, information and report.

Send Critical Alerts

You can critical alerts, through the transaction SMS or promos using this bulk SMS service from Pasmina Technology.

Booking Updates

Send updates for various E commerce, trade related things or anything related to the services products you are offering your clients to various people at just a click of a button.

Confirmation SMS

Confirmation SMS, OTPs, code verification messages are sent using this service. With all these features and benefits, bulk SMS API gives you a lot of easy and scope to enhance your business in a very cost effective manner.